Third Bird for 2020!


Chris bagged this bird this morning, Wed. April 15, one day before his birthday and his daughter Natalie and I were able to share in the experience.

It was a textbook hunt.  Chris did the calling and the shooting while I assisted a little on a slate call with some purring and clucking.  Started out good with a gobbler and hens coming in close early:

The birds wouldn’t come any closer though but about nine o’clock I saw Chris raise his 870.  I was facing the opposite direction and couldn’t see where he was aiming but I knew the way he leveled off it had to be a turkey.  Natalie was sound asleep but came up quickly when Chris pulled the trigger and sent a round of turkey load through the 870’s “jelly head”.

Apparently the gobbler came in the back way and was strutting and drumming on a little mound of dirt.   Chris made a clean shot and I thought I was making a video of Chris getting up and picking up his turkey, but I, duh, forgot to press record on the phone.  Then I tried to make another video, but I inadvertently selected “slo-mo”.  So much for my career as a videographer.

It was a great morning.  The gobbler sported a nice beard, 9 inches.