Happens Every Year!

Chris and I are notorious for taking a buck on Christmas Eve.   Our Mississippi rut happening around Christmas gets us in trouble with family, but when I look back, not hunting on Christmas eve would have cost us a lot of bucks.  This year was no different.  This time it was dear old Dad.

The day started out great with us spotting a bald eagle hanging around our hunting area, which is in the Delta.




The morning and mid-day was uneventful though hogs were close by.  At 4:30 PM a  large bodied buck with a strange right side antler walked out to feed under a Nuttall tree.  (I love Nuttalls, many of the trees hold their acorns until late January, dropping a little all along.)

I wasn’t sure about shooting this buck because I had already lost one wounded buck this year and the buck, though big in body and obviously mature, had the messed up right-side.   When he came under me,  since I was hunting with a bow, I stood up to give myself the best possible shooting position.   First the buck let me get away with standing up and then he stopped for me at five yards.  I figured somebody high up wanted me to take him.

It was a good shot, but Chris and I just couldn’t find him in the dark with no blood trail and the cover was very thick.  Where we were, there was no dry ground, only water.  We had done our Christmas with family on Sunday when everyone was home, so I was free on Christmas day but Chris was not.  So I returned alone on Christmas day and found the deer pretty quickly.  Unfortunately the coyotes and hogs had found him first so I’ll spare the not so attractive photos, but I did want to show the strange right-side antler, which is actually kinda pretty:


I think this deer was past his prime.  He was not especially wary, probably old and maybe even sick.  The coyotes would not have been far in his future anyway.  I think I probably saved him from something much worse.

Haven’t gotten any pics from the camp since Kevin’s buck.  It’s the rut, can’t believe someone hasn’t gotten a good one yet.  What about our double-beamed buck?  Please send me an email with a pic if you have.  Send only quality, tasteful pics, please.