Slay a Swine for the Swamp!


Chris and I have been “Making the Swamp Safe Again” by ridding the swamp of an invasive species.  (Sounds like something Washington should do.)   Yes, Chris and I have been making the swamp safe, and for a lot less money than government hunters shooting shotguns from helicopters.

This hog above that Chris took with his bow has the most massive cutters and whetters that we’ve ever seen.  Just look at those long cutters.  And the whetters, which are thick and curled upwards.  This thing looks like a wart hog to me.   And those cutters are sharp, almost sharp enough to cut your fingers.


Where Chris has me on size for the past two days, I have him on numbers.  I took four out of four hogs with my bow in two days.  NO MISSES or bad shots.  I’ll spare you the photos.

I was also taken to school by a big buck.  I know you probably can’t see anything in this photo, but there is a big buck in there.  I was just looking around and saw something brown that looked like a log.  I didn’t think it looked right and so I took another look with my binoculars.  It was a nice buck, really nice.  He stood extremely still for a very long  time just slowly turning his head back and forth, LOOKING IN THE TREES!  Luckily I was hidden just a little by the willow oak branch in the photo.  After he stood there for what seemed like an eternity, I know it was between 15 and 30 minutes, he laid down right there where he had been standing.  He stayed with me for almost two hours.


Watch the video, toward the end the buck moves his head.  Without binoculars I would never have made him.