Bear Encounters, “Gum-Boo”, A Ditchin’ Good Time, Delta Dawn

Ran out to the camp Wednesday afternoon and was surprised to see the words “Bear Encounter” in the “Harvested” column of the sign-in book.   This was by De’s name.  Boo and Buckethead were at the camp and they explained that De had a bear follow him out of the woods and even his disparaging shouts didn’t seem to deter the bear.   In light of this incident I thought it might be important to pass on some safety instructions to members in case they are attacked by a bear, seeing how commonplace encounters have become.  De, next time this happens to you, simply lay down, cover your neck and don’t move, as the following meme describes:


I can’t wait to hear the story from De.  Apparently I may get that chance this coming boojpgSaturday night as Boo told me he intends to make his famous gumbo Saturday night.  In  honor of the chef let’s call it, “Gum-Boo”.





Well I have a story about an encounter too.   While paddling my kayak in the dark in a flooded ditch with ten foot banks, a good-sized Delta buck decided he couldn’t wait for me and Chris to pass.  Instead, he leaped off the bank and belly-flopped into the water just about ten yards in front of my yak.  Then we were further entertained as we watched him climb the steep, muddy bank on the other side.  Pretty cool, but not a bear encounter.  Happened in the Delta. Here’s a video of Chris launching his kayak to come out, in the cold, cold rain just before it happened.


Below is a pic I made of the dawn sky in the Delta on Thanksgiving morning.   Had to hunt by myself that day, but had a great time anyway.  Shot an enormous hog on the ground at ten yards with my bow.  The arrow went clear through him and stuck in a tree.  No, I didn’t follow him into the thickest thicket I have ever seen.  Discretion is the better part of valor.  I’m not sure that putting my hands over my neck and playing dead would work with a big hog like it does for bear, De.




Unicorn ranch?


Brian got this photo at the camp from one of his trail cameras.  OK, so do we need new standard for unicorns?  Beam length only I guess?

Swine Flu

Hey guys.  Just wanted to pass on good luck to everyone in this year’s hunting season and pass on some FYI type news.

  • I got a letter this week that Tim Evans is no longer with ATCO and is moving to South Carolina to take a new job.  In the meantime Joel Evans will be our manager.  Proceed as though nothing has changed.
  • I have missed the last two weekends of hunting for being sick.  Really sick.  Not the serious kind, just the virus kind that goes through and through.  Not fun.  So in case you guys were wondering where Chris and I have been, that’s the answer.   I always managed to get sick on Friday night, as luck would have it.   Feeling much better now and hope to get back in the woods soon.
  • I’m sure my illness was not the flu, but Chris gave me a case of swine flu last weekend by going out by himself when I was sick and taking this big fawn eating bruiser of a hog with his bow.  One shot, down in 60 yards.  Chris is dangerous to hogs with a bow, that’s for sure.  This is a particularly nasty version of hog.   Doberman ears, silver in his hair, long snout, three inch tusks.  He shows Yorkie characteristics, or “Yorkshire”.  Their physical attributes are different from the barnyard looking ones, called Chesters.  Of course I’m a layman when it comes to hog heritage but someone told me there’s basis for these differences that apply to those names.  He has also has the extra teeth that identifiy that he has Russian genes in him.  ( I apologize now to any biologists or farmers if I have any of this wrong.)  Yorkies I understand are also meat eaters as opposed to Chesters.  Whether that is really true I don’t know, but I have heard it.





    Apparently this hog has met up with what I suspect was a Muzzy broadhead in the past.  I suppose it could have been something else, but I’m thinking the hole under his eye socket could have been made by a blocky, chisel type Muzzy broadhead.


    This boar also had Russian genes because he displayed the extra teeth that comes from Russian genes.  (This photo shows the Russian heritage teeth but was from another hog.)


Good hunting everyone!

Mystery Solved, Another Takes its Place

This past Saturday Chris and I hunted off the highway, didn’t see anything.  On the way out in the dark, I picked the wrong ridge to come out.  I realized it pretty quick and said to Chris “let’s just go back to the bottom where we know where we are and look for it that way rather than try to find it up here.”    We only had 30 yards or so to walk down to the ditch to find our mistake but on the way down, something white shined in my flashlight and I said, “whoa, look at this Chris.”

We had stumbled on a deer skeleton and it was a nice buck with the skull and antlers attached.

We admired it under the flashlights and brought it out with us.  At the shed we put a tape on the inside spread and just a rough measurement showed around 17.5 inches.


On the way out of camp we stopped to see De and Barry and showed the skull to them. We admired it and Barry took the photo above.

Barry said “wait a minute, I think I have that deer on camera.”



Sure enough, he found the photos above he captured on his trail camera last year.

We found the deer in a pretty open area, it was not in the middle of a thicket or anything.  I had hunted the last day of the year in the hollow and used the ridge next to where we found the deer, which is only about thirty yards away, and I saw nothing.   Chris and I hunted in the area during the season a few times and never noticed anything.

So we solved one mystery because Barry had been wondering what happened to the deer as he never showed on camera again.  But we brought up a new mystery because no one that we know of had shot at a buck in the area.  Chris and I did not shoot at anything in the area. So unless one of you in the club had a shot in the area near the cable road gate, we have to assume that:

  • a hunter across the blacktop wounded it
  • it was struck by a car
  • a road hunting poacher shot it

So, one mystery solved begets another.  Call CSI I guess.

Or….   BRIAN!  You been huntin’ my highway spot again?!