9/15/2018 Work Day Recap

We had a good work day Saturday.  Phil, Barry, De, Joe, Glen, Clyde, Buckethead, Randy and Mark were on hand along with Barry’s friend Terry.

Joe brought down the fertilizer that we were shorted the previous trip by the store.  Barry brought his tractor, he and friend Terry finished cutting up the rest of the intended early season plots.  De, Clyde and I followed with seed and fertilizer.  End result, four more plots were planted Saturday.  We planted the 2nd plot on Pine Log, the last field by the creek on Creek Road, the Locust Thicket plot and a small plot on Cable,( the last plot before reaching the Ragsdale Creek bottom).  There are now five early season plots planted with Wheat, Rape and Austrian Winter Peas.  Two of those plots were planted only a week ago with the same mix and they look really good, #28 on Hill Road and #21 on River Road.


Phil did quite a bit of bush hogging.  Randy and Mark did a lot of spraying for the late season plots as well as around the camp.   De, Clyde and I did a little trail cutting and cut out the trail to the old duckhole at around 17.

Five late season plots are scheduled to be planted October 13th when Boo is back.   We are planning on planting #19, Hollow Tree, Culvert Road, #1 on Cable Road, Steve’s Buck House,  Cistern field on “Green” Road, Middletree Field and Rock Ford plot.

Green is planted, Blue is late season “to be planted”:

field planting

See complete 2018-2019 field inventory  below:

Field planting inventory 2018


Work Day Planned for Saturday 9/15/2018

Progress has been made at the camp, but more needs to be done.  If I understand correctly at least a couple of early season plots were prepared before the rain hit this past Saturday.  Seed and fertilizer has been purchased.  Another plot is near ready.   Of course roads still need cutting back and preparation of plots to be planted.  Not sure of all the details but there will be work going on this coming Saturday, 9/15.

Rain has interrupted us several times, but at least we don’t have packed, hard, dry ground to deal with and the prognosis should be good for plots.

I will post more, I just had a short conversation with the president Monday evening and he asked that I pass it on about work Saturday.


Gist of Big Black South meeting Sept. 4

Essentially our club along with all other ATCO clubs North of Port Gibson and south of I-20 will be sold when bids are opened this Friday,  9/7/2018.  That’s right, 52,000 acres of ATCO property will be sold as a block.  For tax purposes, the sale will not actually occur until January 1, 2019.  On January 1 there will be a new owner of the land we lease.  Our lease agreement will be assigned to the new owner.  The lease does retain validity but, only in protection of the lease amount.  The caveat to that statement is that there are other ways the new owner can charge fees, the campsite fee is an example.

The following document ATCO provided last night provides details.  PLEASE READ.

Sept 4. Big Black South Association Annual Meeting

Added misery is of course CWD occurring in the Delta deer herd.  Luckily our club is outside of the CWD zone.  We can remove our harvests without repercussion.  Not sure how the MDWFP will enforce and prevent the removal of deer from the CWD zone, but I suspect road blocks may be used.  Of course our camp is outside the zone, but traveling with a deer back into the zone could be a problem I suspect if a road block is encountered.

I have some additional information that I obtained myself outside of last night’s meeting that relates to deer taken on WMA’s within the zone.  I stopped by the Mahannah WMA Saturday after dove hunting and the wildlife manager there said that no carcasses will be removed from Mahannah.  Meat must be deboned there to be removed from the CWD zone.  Heads and deer to be processed can only be taken to processors and taxidermists WITHIN the CWD zone. The MDWFP will test all deer from the WMA and the test results will be available online, within about five days.  Only deboned meat, hides and antlers and skulls plates with all tissue removed will be allowed to leave the WMA and the CWD zone. Of course our camp is outside the zone, but  traveling with a deer back into the zone could be a problem I suspect if a road block is encountered.  Should be an interesting year.

CWD information is included below:

MDWFP Chronic Wasting Disease Facts

Map of positive CWD samples

2017-2018 Deer harvest data is below:

DMAP data from all over MS 2017-2018

Big Black South 2017-2018 Data

Ragsdale Data 2017-2018

(Barry’s buck was 6.5 years old)