Recap of Annual Meeting

The annual meeting went off without a hitch.  Attending the meeting were the following members:

Glen D
Phil K
Brian R
Randy R
Barry L
De L
Boo R
Mark C
Clyde H
Joe S
Steve M

The motion was made by and passed by a show of hands to keep the existing officers.  A motion was made and passed by a show of hands to add $25 to the existing $25 insurance fee to cover the cost of water, which is about $500 per year, plus any overage to defray planting costs.

The motion was made to reduce the QDM guidelines back to ATCO minimums (15″/20″, progressive) and bag limit to state limit which is 3 bucks and 3 does.  The fine for harvesting a less than minimum buck was reduced to $250.

The dues were set at $1,625 per member.  Any member with a camp pays an additional $100 and ALL members pay the insurance/water/planting fee of $50 per member.

Brian announced that two members were leaving the club and two new members were brought up for vote:

Jonathan Smith, sponsored by Boo R and Ricky Pinkstaff sponsored by Mark Cook were was voted in as new members.  Jonathan received his key at the meeting.

Dues must be in by the end of the month, July 15 is absolute drop dead date.  If dues are not in by July 15 the board will find a replacement.

The bylaws have been updated on the website with the previously mentioned amendments as well as dues and fees:



Reminder: Annual Meeting This Sat. June 9 at Camp

Ok folks, annual meeting June 9 at the camp, 10:00 AM. Brian will bring a generator and some fans.

Warning:  Be careful of logging equipment.  In other words, don’t go “balls to the wall” down the big hill or you might meet might meet a logging truck with a heavy load that won’t be wanting to stop once he’s committed to coming up that hill.  Happened to me once upon a time.  The truck stopped, but with his heavy load he didn’t have the umph to make it up the hill after he stopped.  Had to back down the hill and make another go.  Granted, it wasn’t the best looking equipment I’ve ever seen.  Nevertheless, the driver didn’t look happy.  You might consider stopping at the gate, killing the engine and listening to the sounds below to figure out whether a big truck or skidder or something is heading that way before you commit.

If you have some items for discussion, please send them to me and I’ll organize them into some kind of agenda.  Everyone might bringing a comfortable chair and some cold drinks.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.  No, really!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!