Stands. Are we compliant?

This letter was previously received from our ATCO manager.

ATCO Letter

The gist is below, but the question is, now that March 31 is in the past, are we compliant?  We sent an email and published the information previously.  Work days were done, crawfish boil etc, opportunity in other words.  So, we are assuming that all metal stands have been removed or loosened from the tree, including any climbers.

But,  as Reagan said “Trust but verify”.  Camp directors will be looking for stands that have not been untied in coming weeks.  WIMG_3125e know where many are, but we can’t know where they all are.

If you have any doubts about your stands, please take care of it as soon as possible.

I didn’t find this one while I was turkey hunting this weekend, of course not.


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Coyote – 0, Turkey Hunter 1

It happens too often, you’re calling turkeys and Mr. Coyote answers the call.  This one came running up the gully toward the decoy.  When he went behind a tree at ten yards I raised the gun.  He stopped just on the other side of the tree with a concerned look, like he had just figured out that it was a decoy and the jig was up, that’s when I rolled him.   His turkey killing days at Ragsdale are over.