Daisy Chains, Tagboard, ATCO

I was out at the camp Saturday to hunt turkeys and the locks looked like this:


The keyed lock is just locked onto the combo lock.  I guess somebody just wasn’t paying attention or maybe they don’t understand that the locks are supposed to be daisy chained.  I checked with Brian and nobody seems to have had a specific reason for deliberately taking the keyed lock out of the daisy chain, so it must have been a mistake.   In other words, the lock should be locked into either:

  • two locks
  • or a chain link and a lock

It goes without saying that the daisy chain enables the use of either the combo or the key.  When I went to the camp I could not have used my key.    Strange.  Anyway, I did not have my key but I got in with the combo lock but I couldn’t correct the situation and put the keyed lock back in the daisy chain, so it is still like that.

On a more positive note, I noticed that De has put up our tagboard.  Good job De!


I know most of you have heard that the ATCO mill in Vicksburg has been sold.  I emailed Stan for a statement on the status of the camp and he responded with the following:

You should have a letter showing up in the mail today or tomorrow explaining the situation a little bit, but no this sale does not affect the landbase at all.  It was just the mill facilities that is sold.




ATCO Ban on Mineral Licks Effective Immediately

ATCO has banned all mineral licks, new or existing, which is of course in compliance with the MDWFP’s response to the CWD outbreak making feeding and mineral licks unlawful in the counties of Claiborne, Hinds, Issquena, Sharkey, Warren and Yazoo.

Obviously this applies to Ragsdale as the letter was sent to us and the lease is in Claiborne county, specifically mentioned in the MDWFP notice.

Of course feeding of any deer was already prohibited by ATCO, this notice now also prohibits mineral licks (mineral licks with no food or flavoring were allowed up until Oct. 1, previously).  We will need to change our bylaws accordingly but this ban is effective immediately as well as the MDWFP making it unlawful to maintain or create new licks.

Food plot plantings are still allowed.

No mention was made of doing anything to existing sites to eliminate leftover minerals, but I am sure the rain pretty much takes care of that.  Of course there are natural sites, at Ragsdale for example, there are natural licks that could be hundreds of years old.  But I suspect the minerals there are not substantial like man-made sites and probably are not a concern.  A good question for somebody I guess.

Read the entire text of the ATCO ban here: ATCO 2018 Ban on all Mineral Licks but the gist of it is in the cut and paste below:


That Time of Year Again

Yes, the season’s change and right now it’s  BREAK-IN season for the n’er do’wells of the world that break into deer camps in between deer season and turkey season.

Apparently Cane Lake, across the creek, was broken into and a Toyota “camp” truck was stolen.  See below.

stolen truck at cane lake