Crawfish Boil Saturday!

Woohoo! Barry is going to do the crawfish boil like he did last year Saturday (March 3).  Should be fun.  Please let Barry know by Thursday if you intend to be there and if you’re bringing anyone so he can get the right amount to cook for everybody.    Apparently this is intended for mid-afternoon like last time.  Good times!


Season’s over! Time to Get Stands Untied, etc.

The following is a letter from ATCO regarding jaw bones, stands etc.

Letter from ATCO, please read

Brian is wanting us to come to the camp to get stands untied and other work during the few weekends, starting this weekend, Fri 2/9/2018.



POSTSCRIPT:  Well leave it to me to get it wrong, Brian was suggesting February 24 and March 3 for the work days and Brian says rain predicted for this weekend, 100% chance, so we are cancelling plans for this weekend Fri, 2/9