Barry Bags Big Buck!


Barry bagged this nice buck last Saturday.

23 1/4 ” beams
16 1/2 ” inside spread
4 3/4 ” base
G2’s are 11″

205 lbs

A real bruiser!  Way to go Barry and congratulations, persistence pays off!




El Presidente Bags Buck!


Brian got this nice buck today:
22″ main beams
190 lbs
Brian thinks jawbone looks to be 5 year old

Nice buck Brian, congratulations!

I gotta get in the woods!



De Downs the First Good Buck!


The big bucks are there, it just takes some dogged determination and De Lewis proved it on Dec. 30th at the camp:
10pt Main frame 9pt with a 2 inch kicker off the back of the left beam
Left beam 21 3/4″
Right Beam 20 3/8″
16″ inside spread
170 lbs  (post rut of course)

The deer seems to have injured his left beam when the antler was in velvet, at least that’s what everyone suspects, which gives the deer that cool right side dip in the front:


Nice buck De! Congratulations!