Passing On Interesting Article

Hey Ragsdale members, I saw this article and thought I would pass it on as it applies to late season and, unfortunately, the peak of the rut is now passing us and we’re going in to late season.  Y’all know I’m outspoken about my own personal preference for not hunting food plots.  I refer to them as “nurseries” because the fawns and especially the button bucks love them.  For that reason, food plots promote mistakes and the harvesting of under-sized deer.

Well one thing I have to admit is that over the years I have seen quite a few mature bucks taken in food plots in late season, usually chasing a doe.  Well I bumped into this article which offers an explanation for that common occurrence.  Basically the article says that late season doe fawns become receptive when they reach about 70 lbs which would be in late season ANNNNNDDDDD since fawns tend to hang around the nursery (food plot), the mature bucks are chasing around food plots.  Now that makes sense.  Ok, here’s the article.

Article on OutdoorHub: Why Late-Season Bucks Key on Female Fawns

In other news, looks like somebody was in the Christmas spirit and dressed up the latest orange barrel added to the washout on Hankinson Road.  Looks like our problem is worthy of two barrels now.  Might as well decorate them, they sure aren’t going away because it will be a VERY cold day before the county fixes that washout.


If you really hate orange barrels you might enjoy this youtube video, turn the sound on:

Chris and I have been swamp hunting in the Delta.  I bagged a nice boar Christmas Eve at the swamp with my bow BTW.  Sorry, no pic.  That same day I thought this tree was watching me.  Ever see the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”?  “I am Groot!”  Yeah, well, you can get bored hunting all day in a tree.  Maybe I was feeling guilty about hunting on Christmas Eve.


I did see a big brute of a deer on my property (GAD’s Hill) the Friday before Christmas.  Was a little too far out to get a shot with a bow, but he was the nicest I have seen so far.  I found this rub on a dead cedar tree on my property where he’s been hanging out:


So that’s all I’ve got.  Please send me a pic if you take a deer at the camp.  Quality photos only.




Don’t forget as we move into January, if you make a mistake and shoot an undersized buck after January 15,  and want to use the loss of a buck allotment to avoid a fine, you will lose the last buck and the first buck from the following year’s allotment. The member will not be allowed to hunt until a decision is made by the member and approved by the board.




Blame it on the Moon

Slow this past weekend at the camp.  Blame it on the full moon I guess.  I did have this spike come in to feed on white oak acorns.

Notice the squirrel that photo bombs the video below:

Acorn trees with their base in the bottom have been the ticket if you can find the big producers like this massive swamp chestnut below:



The new locks are on the gates and the combination has been changed.  Getting rain today (Tuesday) and the cold weather coming, it’s about to get good!