Planning for W/E of Sat 11/4, 11/5

Ragsdale members,
Hey guys hope you’ve been having a good fall. Chris and I have been having fun hunting in the Delta. Chris has four hogs to my one and we’ve seen quite a few deer, just no shooters. Here’s my piggy, below.

Glens hog

Boo is planning on bringing some shrimp down for a boil Saturday night this coming Saturday (11/4) after doing some work around camp on Saturday. Brian, Randy, and Mark I think are planning to be down Friday and doing some wood cutting, dragging some logs to camp etc. Good opportunity to get in a work day, hunt, eat some shrimp and socialize. So there ya’ go, hope to see you there.

Field Planting this weekend 10/21, 10/22

Boo will have his tractor and so we are planting fields this weekend.

Plots already planted or scheduled to be planted are:

  1. Number 4 food plot – river road   ¼ acres
  2. Magnolia flat past hollow tree  ¼ acers
  3. Mark’s food plot end of river road ¼ acers
  4. Pinks food plot river road already planted
  5. Hollow tree river road  already planted
  6. 28 Hill road already planted
  7. First field below gate camp road ¼ acres
  8. Clydes shoot house camp road 1/8 acers
  9. First big field creek road 1 1/8 acers
  10. Bottom field  creek road already planted
  11. Middle tree field ¾ acres
  12. Locust thicket ¼ acres
  13. Jessie’s gate cedar tree rd ¼ acres
  14. Oak tree (before rock ford) ¼ acres
  15. James old food plot already planted
  16. Stevies buck house cable rd ¼ acres
  17. First food plot from gate on cable rd ¼ acres
  18. Food plot up from 59 ( half way up big hill on cable rd) ¼ acres?

Of course some changes may be made depending on what folks want.  Any and all help will be appreciated.



Work Day Recap

Brian, Randy, Clyde, Craig , Phil and myself were on hand.  Brian, Randy and myself picked up all the old lumber around where one of the trailers had been pulled out.  We stacked it in the old pond to burn.  The lumber was all full of nails and was a safety issue plus Barry wants to move his trailer in the spot as it’s currently trying to slide into the gully.   Craig worked all day with his tractor and heavy box blade on the camp road sculpturing it to make the rainwater run out.  Phil continued cutting food plots with his tractor and bush hog.

Craig’s box blading work I think will help, hopefully, something needs to, that camp road is a challenge.  Of course some of the gravel has been pushed off and there are some grades in the road that weren’t there before so please don’t come down the hill all “balls to the wall” or you may get a surprise.   I should have taken some pics for before and after but I forgot or I would have posted them here.

The tornado did a number on most of my Pine Log hunting spots.   Most of the big white oaks I like to hunt are down now.  Oh well.

I did a late evening hunt on River Road, didn’t see anything.  Greg saw two bears in the #28 food plot.  I think the photo below just has one bear in it.  They came out separately and the first one left when the other came in, Craig said.


I hunted the Delta Sunday, had a great hunt.  Chris killed a great big boar with his bow and I had a really nice 8 point come by and give me a shot, but I let him pass.   The buck bedded down next to me and was with me most of the day. Finally I guess he smelled me and slipped out managing to avoid Chris who was hunting only about 100 yards away.  The buck was actually bedded in between us and during the day a spike came in and bedded in the same thicket.  Fun stuff.

I took a video of the buck in the thicket,  watch for the motion in this video and you can pick him out as he is licking or grooming himself.  The video starts out shaky until I brace the phone against the tree I was in.   Sorry, not much video, but when he was coming by me and I had a good view, I had my bow in my hand, not my phone, for obvious reasons.  So, please don’t judge my video work, but it was exciting at the time to have a buck bedding up just 25 yards away.  I think maybe you can get a sense of the size of his rack if you look closely.  He was, I think 15 inch inside, tall heavy stalks but the points were not very long.  Nice to see one this early.  Yes, I let a nice, legal, public deer walk, but how do they get bigger if you just shoot them?


Work Day Planning for October (bow season, really?)

Craig  will be bringing his heavy box blade to camp this Saturday Oct. 7th. On this workday we would like to work on roads, clean the camp up (old trailer spots), and start working on firewood.  Brian and Randy will be bringing their wood splitter for splitting firewood.

Oct. 21st we would like to have another workday.  Some are intending to stay over to work the 22nd as well.  Boo said he will be down at this time to disk the fields.  We would also like to finish cutting fire wood and finish anything else we need to do around the camp.

We will be looking to plant sometime after that, depending on the weather.

Anybody bringing a tractor for bush hogging or box blading will certainly be appreciated.

By the way, I picked up a really good tip for when you finally run into that big 400 lb black bear boar that keeps prowling the woods looking for hunters: