Welcome our new member!

Our new member, if you haven’t figured it out already from the vote posting by email and on the web, is James K.   James, who prefers to be called Phil, brought his tractor down and helped us get our early plots in last workday and his contribution is greatly appreciated as he was not a member at the time.  Phil is anxious to bring his tractor down again and do some clipping of our roads, trails and winter plots but he prefers of course not to be down there alone, so please let me or Phil know if you can make a day at the camp.  Someone with an ATV preferably that can follow along, probably with a blade or saw as our roads are overgrown badly because we had to spend all our time on just getting the tornado damage out of the way.

The voting results are the same as my last post and email.  We are still lacking three ballots, one of which is Brian’s as he was out of the country.  We did receive a majority of votes to bring in our member but not on the question of an additional member.  I did receive an email from Brian, while out of country, as he had seen the posting of the voting. He was perplexed as to why I included on the ballot the part about adding another member, but of course the voting results spotlight the problem, which is that we have no clear consensus. Based on that I think we are exactly where we were on July 15, we are not adding a member now but later, after the season, we will consider another member to satisfy the cap of 15.  Next year there will probably be no way to avoid a bulldozer.  Please remember, ATCO gave us a break this year on the building fees to account for the tornado damage they knew we were experiencing.  I am sure those fees will return next year.  Unfortunately this year is “catch as catch can” regarding road work, but I think we will get through the season OK.   I want to thank Clyde Hare for contributing $500 to the club to help us with our early planting.

Of course these are all things one can ponder in great detail while waiting on your deer to come out.

If anyone is planning to work this weekend, please let me know and I’ll pass the word to others.  That’s all I have, Brian will be back soon.




Ballot Confirmation

Below is a table that shows the individual votes by ballot id as of 9.20.2017.   You may verify your vote to make sure we have it counted correctly by checking the ballot id and the candidate id.  You can also verify whether we have your vote down correctly regarding the membership cap.   Since only each individual can know his ballot id, one can only check his own vote.  The yellow highlighted ballot id identifies ballots not received.

ballots as of 9-20

As you can see, as of today, one candidate has 8 votes which out of 14 total voting members, that is a majority.   Sure would be nice to have everyone’s input, but we have to move on, please either text me or email me your vote if you haven’t mailed it.  Please do not call, we want verifiable votes.   We do need your votes to determine the membership question as it is still undecided.  The three outstanding ballots will be needed to determine the majority of the club’s opinion on whether to consider another member or leave the membership at 14.

The ballot envelopes are postmarked and of course we have saved the ballot itself if anyone has ANY question.   I have scanned the ballots and can even publish them here if necessary.

We will leave this post up a couple of days and then remove it and announce who our new member is.  Sorry for all the formality but we needed to get this done without any further delay as the season is almost here.



Saturday (9/9) Work Day Planning

Craig, Brian and Randy were at the camp this past weekend.  They cut and sprayed 5 plots for early season plots.  We want to plant those this coming weekend and Craig says he needs two implements, a disc and a seeder (even hand seeders actually would be a help).  I have a hand seeder, I’ll bring.

I think I listed four of the targeted early season plots in an earlier post, but we now have five intended plots and they are 18 and 19, on River Road, the last food plot on Creek road by the creek, Middle Tree Field and the Rock Ford plot.

We really need some clearing back of roads since we had to put all of our initial efforts to just clearing the tornado damage first.  So there is plenty to do there in knocking back the overgrowth on the roads and bush hogging for those so inclined and with equipment, as well as box blade work.

Craig says Harvey’s rains and other rains of course hurt the roads but we are at least still ahead.  He will bring his heavy box blade.

We have talked about not planting the long food plot in between the first big field on creek and the last field.  We are going to leave it and possibly some others alone, let them come up in waist high grasses etc.  We’ll clip them about waist high to keep from losing them and may plant them later.  Just an attempt to improve safety and interference by not having big fields hunted so close together as well as encouraging some movement by the deer.

We have about fourteen plots picked out to plant in November in addition to the five early season plots.

We are hoping that Wilma won’t come blasting out of the Gulf onto Mississippi and we may see some the normal dry weather pattern that usually occurs about this time of year. Keep your fingers crossed that no more hurricanes or tornadoes are in our immediate future.

So, please try to make it Saturday and let’s get the camp ready for hunting season.