Big Black South Meeting Recap

Craig and I attended the ATCO meeting last night in Vicksburg.  Brian was having some issues with his leg injury and so he and Randy did not attend.  Stan did a great presentation.  After promising not to do any Ole Miss jokes,  he managed to slip in a couple or three zingers before getting started.  🙂

Stan’s Big Black South 2017 powerpoint presentation can be accessed by clicking HERE.   I have scanned our club’s report as well as the composite of all the Big Black South clubs (below).  Basically our club was not unique in having a good year, all of the clubs generally did well and I mean by “well”, 57% of the bucks harvested were 4.5 years old.  Our club had all 4 bucks in the 5.5 year age bracket. The data shows the shift as clubs have been sticking to their QDM guidelines.  Doe harvests were improved as well.  My take on it was, keep it up.

Stan also mentioned that if clubs have folks that want to achieve more than the three does the state specifies as the new bag limit, ATCO has DMAP tags which the club directors can get for those individuals by request which would allow for additional does,  using a DMAP tag.  

2016-2017 Ragsdale Harvest Report

2016-2017 Big Black South Harvest Report


Craig intends to be at camp on Saturday to begin prepping 4 plots we discussed for early season, bow season. The four plots are End of Hill Rd (#28), the one at the end of Hollow Tree Road, the Rock Ford Food plot, and the plot at the end of Creek road, (the one by Ragsdale creek). This is not set in stone, if you have a comment or suggestion, call Craig to discuss.

So, anyone wanting to get in another day, there you go, you can help Craig. Always a good idea to have someone with tractor drivers, especially with the roads and heavy growth like it is. I remember running over a stump in high grass with the big tire in my old Yanmar that had no roll bar, it was very scary!




Gideon’s Crew

One of my favorite stories from the Bible was where God informed Gideon that he had too many men gathered for the battle against the Midianites.  He instructed him to bring them to a river and to keep only those who raised the water to their mouth.  In my mind those that were chosen were the ones that were, as I like to describe it, “savvy”.

Well we had an awesome work day Saturday and it was because we had Gideon’s crew working.  Everybody rolled out and contributed with their best.  Boo’s advance work with his tractor and box blade had the camp road in great shape with the water line well protected.  I thought as I drove in on the smooth road that the only thing missing was striping in the middle of the road!   Kevin was awesome with his excavator clearing Pine Log and River road with Marc and others.  I understand they worked very late.  But,  the absolute finest moment was in the greatest heat of the day when everyone was pretty well exhausted we encountered the largest tree trunk on Cedar Tree road.  Sweating profusely in the heat, Clyde and Barry cut both ends which would have allowed Craig to push the enormously heavy log out of the way with his box blade, but the log was still very large and very heavy.  Clyde offered to cut the log once more in the middle, a technical and difficult cut.  We all discouraged him as it was another difficult cut, but Clyde said “this is what I came for”.  Like Moses parting the Red Sea we all stepped aside, and Clyde strode forward and cut that sucker like he was born for the job.  Impressive.

Great job everybody,  I think we have a little left to clear but another work day and the camp roads will be clear of storm damage.  Again, Brian and I both have only one word, awesome!



Forecast for Work Day Aug 5 Looks OK


forecast for 8-5-17

Tomorrow’s forecast (left) looks reasonable.  We need at the very minimum to meet on the new member situation, particularly since using dues from a new member towards a dozer seems the best approach to clearing the roads.  Possibly better to simply skip all the grunt work and just pay for a bulldozer and allow our talented dozer driver to do his thing.  Joe’s opinion is that a dozer can pretty much do it all without requiring all the saw work.  Better to at least try the dozer, then we can come behind the dozer if there is anything left and work on that. May save injuries, heat stroke, snake bites, equipment and more.  Plus we are not really sure if we can get it done in time without a dozer.

Of course a dozer means money and we have almost none left.  So be ready to discuss our options and determine what we want to do regarding new member(s) to cover the bulldozer or, heaven forbid, another assessment to cover the cost of a dozer.



Work Day Saturday August 5

The rain kept most folks away this past weekend, but Barry, Joe and De made it down to make an assessment of the roads.

To begin with, our water line is exposed again.  We must have had some horrendous rains, see below:



Joe, Barry and De said they were able to make it all the way down River Road, but a pickup truck cannot make it, apparently a big tree is down over the salt lick area where the road way is sunken.  Could get ATV’s through I think but a truck won’t make it.

Creek Road is impassable and so is Pine Log.  They said bring chain saws, plenty of bar chain oil and fuel mix, you can run a saw all day long.  For what it’s worth I will bring my capstan winch can move some pretty heavy stuff, may need to bring put a pulley on it to double its pull.   It’s not like a big tractor or anything but it’s handy in tight spaces.  I got the primer bubble in my saw replaced and so my little Echo is running, such as it is.

So, Saturday August 5, work day.  Kevin is planning on being there most of the weekend with his excavator.  I will be there Saturday.

We need gravel on the big hill, but we don’t have any money.  Also will need a bulldozer, again, no money.  Need to address the money thing.