Work Day Planning

Barry, Glen and others are considering Saturday July 29, for a work day.  Of course clearing roads is our objective as the tornado has made quite a mess.  Please contact Barry or myself if you can make it.  Just organizing it right now.  We could use any equipment that can be brought.  Tractors can be used to pull logs out.  Kevin’s excavator would be excellent.




July 15 Meeting Over, Members Confirmed

Good meeting Saturday.  I think we all see eye to eye on a lot of things.  I’m not going into details here because I realize a lot of individuals that aren’t members may be reading.  Suffice it to say the club is healthy and moving forward.  I like it.

So for everyone who signed in, I don’t want you to be disappointed so here’s this, I saw this guy on Springridge road in 5:00 Friday traffic, I had the radio on so turn your speakers on too:


Special Meeting to Address membership Issues Saturday 7.15.2017

We will have a meeting at 9:30 at offices in Clinton, 1505 Clinton Business Park Drive, on Saturday July 15 to address membership issues and approve rates.  July 15 is the roster drop date for those that have not paid dues.  The dues are due on July 1, drop occurs on July 15.  We will address the fact that that the cap mentioned in the bylaws does not definitively state whether honorary members are included in the cap or not.  This was confusing to members and became an issue when it became apparent that we had a large number of members which would not be paying their dues for the new year.

This is not a “Special Meeting” being called due to petition of a majority of members but is being called by the board members themselves.

Applications for new members could be reviewed for potentially adding members.

2017-2018 membership rates will be voted on and amounts in arrears caused by members leaving will be collected.  As the meeting is on the roster drop date, the only members in attendance will be those that made dues payments.