Breaking news, members please read

Three members have notified us they are not returning as members this year.  We set the cap at 15 and at the time we had 16 members, so subtracting 3 from 16 gives 13, so we have two openings.  The board has met and considered the four people that had their applications in, two have been identified as meeting a majority by the board.   Unfortunately that means a change in the dues for those who have sent their check in.   The new base rate using 15 members is $1,390, plus $100 if you have a campsite and plus $25 for insurance which everybody pays.

$1,415 for a member without a campsite, $1,515 for a member with a campsite, in other words.

A board member did question the 15 member cap on the roster.  It was discussed at the Annual meeting that the Bylaws do not reflect whether the cap is for paying members or whether it includes honorary members.  The board has discussed this and with a majority consenting, agree that since the cap does NOT specifically state that it includes honorary members the board is interpreting the membership cap as meaning paying members.

Anyone questioning the board’s authority to make the above mentioned interpretation of the member cap should reference Article IV par 5 and par 9 of the Bylaws:







Minutes from 6.17.2017 Annual Meeting

Saturday was a hot sweltering day for the meeting.  Luckily the previous nights rains did not hinder us from getting in.  The meeting ran long and it was hot, humid and no work was performed after the meeting.

The only member absent was Charles S.

A letter was presented from ATCO expressing the desire for the same board members to continue, but that the vice president and president may swap roles.  Glen has deferred to Brian for President.  Brian will serve as President and Glen as Vice President.

Marc and Jeff E were the two nominated for treasurer.  Marc was voted in as the new treasurer with eleven votes to Jeff’s five .

Committee members nominated were Randy R, Barry L, James Y, Craig M, and Jeff C.

Randy and Barry were elected as committee members with Randy receiving ten votes and Barry receiving 7 votes.  James received 6, Craig 3 and Jeff 6.

The two committee members are now Barry Lewis and Randy Roberts.

The following items were voted on and passed:

  • The associate membership has been removed. (Motion by Randy R, 2nd by Marc)
  • The membership cap has been reduced to 15. (Motion by Dee L 2nd by Jeff C)
  • Guest fees are $50 per day,  $25 per day for immediate family. (Motion by Brian, 2nd by Dee)
  • The building site fee in the bylaws is being changed to match the ATCO billing on the invoice ($100).
  • Working guest working at least 6 hours may hunt one day, subject to approval by board. (Motion by Craig, 2nd by Jeff)
  • Working guest with tractor working at least 6 hours may receive two hunts in compensation, subject to approval by board.   Tractor fee and/or fuel not reimbursed.  (Motion by Craig, 2nd by Jeff)
  • 5 mandatory workdays as opposed to 3 (Motion by Brian, 2nd by Glen)

Last year’s associate member, Chase B, was voted on for membership and received enough votes to become a full member.

Clyde presented the financial report and a motion was made and seconded to approve, the financial report was approved.

Currently the the dues are $1,300, plus $100 for those with a campsite and $25 for insurance.  All members must pay the insurance.  Dues will be due by July 1.  The roster drop date is July 15.

During the meeting we discussed the fact that our biologist was pleased with the progress of our deer program as all four bucks were 5.5 years old; however, an email was received late on Friday with some concern about weights of three different deer.  The three deer were a 100lb fawn, a 150 lb 7.5 year old doe and another 145 lb doe.  As a result, our biologist has stated that we are to calibrate the scales.  Brian was to bring two 45lb weights but forgot to bring them to the meeting, which is understandable, it was a hard night at the fire dept with all the storms.  Anyway, we need to test that scale.  Also we need to weigh the gambrel, accurately.  Ideally the gambrel should not be used to weigh deer or if used, the gambrel’s weight should be reduced from the weight of the deer when entering data.

Our biologist has expressed concern about people entering the correct weights.  Our biologist maintains that fawn deer in our “thick loess” region will not attain a weight of 100 lbs.  A male fawn can possibly attain a weight of 90 lbs, but it is rare.   As a suggested best practice, to prevent any suspicion, anyone harvesting a first year deer without directors present should take a photo of the scale with the scale readable and as much of the deer in the photo as possible.  Another best practice would be to measure the girth of the deer’s chest immediately behind the front legs and obtain a photo of the tape measurement while the deer is still suspended on the gambrel.  These are not rules, yet, but these two things would provide additional help in validating a weight.

Scale measurements. The weight is to be measured at the bottom of the red block, not the top.  For example, the evening Craig killed his 235 lb eight point we took a photo of the scale.  Increments are five lbs.  The bottom of the red block is two increments past 225 making it 235 lbs.  The measurement was made without the gambrel present.  Using the step ladder to look at the scale directly is a best practice to prevent angles of view from affecting measurements.



Submitted Topics for Discussion Saturday

The following is a summary of submitted topics for discussion at our annual meeting, Saturday June 17, 2017 at the camp.  These are topics FOR DISCUSSION from suggestions that have been made.  Members of course will be responsible for making motions for adoption of resolutions, after discussion.


  • Decision on handling of past member suspended
    • Vote
    • Offer associate membership
    • Allow to return
  • Roster reduction
    • reduce membership to 16
  • Guest fees
    • Immediate family, no fee
    • Non-immediate family, $20 per hunt, (one hunt defined as sunrise to noon or noon to sunset)
  • Working Guests
    • every 6 hours will earn the guest 1 hunt ( as described above sr to noon, noon to ss)
    • Working guest with tractor – every 6 hours work will earn guest 4 hunts (sr to noon, noon to ss)

Bylaw Changes

  • Committee members
    • End the use of committee members and remove from Bylaws
    • or – reduce number of committee members to two, as suggested by  SP
  • Lease
    • Any members attempting to bid or lease property currently leased by Ragsdale to be banished from Ragsdale permanently without refund, 30 days to remove personal properties, accompanied by 2 club members


  • Campsites
    • Addressing camp sites, raise fee to $100 as that is what ATCO is charging
    • Address new campsites,  map existing sites, no new sites, derelict bldg or trailers should be removed before new trailers or bldgs built
  • Fixed Treestands and box stands
    • All treestands to be brought to camp for accountability
    • All fixed stands to be logged out by member, date and placement, member responsible for returning stand after season closes.
    • No building of  new box stand without removal of a derelict stand.
    • Box stands limited to food plots.


  • Bucks
    • Increase bucks to 3 per paid membership
    • add additional criteria for buck standards for bucks, – “regardless of antler size”  accept any buck whose jaw bone records at 4.5 yr old or better
  • Does
    • Doe limit to be state regulation, end doe harvest after quota reached
      • ATCO  suggested harvest – 15 currently
    • undersized doe (90lbs) fine reduction to $100

Food Plots

  • No freelance planting until after 2nd week of November without board approval
  • Main planting day moved to 2nd week of November
  • No food plot spraying or bush hogging until after turkey season has ended

Please note our last ATCO correspondence here:

redacted letter


Available reference documentation that was submitted:



Saturday meeting will be the Annual Meeting

Assuming that we have a good turnout of membership on Saturday, the intent is for this meeting to be the Annual meeting.   There will be some discussion of possible Bylaw and QDM changes, officers will be elected.  To be familiar with them, I would suggest that everyone re-read the Bylaws which are here on this website at Bylaws of Ragsdale Hunting Club 2.0

(The trees that were down on camp road have been taken care of by Brian Roberts, so, no issues getting to the camp.)

See you Saturday at the camp, 9:00.




All Clear for Clean up and Meeting on 17th

I received a phone call from the ATCO biologist.  They have decided that there is not enough to salvage on Ragsdale to make it worth bringing a logger in.  We are Ok to clear the roads and clear what we need, including the massive log next to Brian’s trailer.

Beware of heading down to the camp without a saw.  Barry was there recently and two more trees have fallen, just before the food plot next to the camp on camp road.  One you can get around it, the other tree needs a saw to clear.

We will have a meeting at the camp on June 17th, meet at 9:00 and then do clean up of roads.

Thanks  G