We Didn’t Break Nuthin’

We had what I think was a pretty good “camp recovery” work day last weekend.  In the words of Boo, “we didn’t break nuthin'”, and I should add, no one got hurt, so it was a good day.  A great job by Boo and his helpers, Cliff and Kerry, downing trees and moving trailers.

Cutting damaged tree by Barry’s

Craig did a great job on the camp road hill with his tractor and box blade. No pics, Craig knowing ATCO will be coming through with log trucks, didn’t try to crown up so it was nice and flat, much smoother driving than with the series of gullies it was before he started.

I watched Jeff E. thread the needle downing a dead tree in front of Buckethead’s. It landed right between two septic systems. Sorry I missed the video of the cut (upper right).  Just as it cracked I punched “photo” instead of “video”.

Brian got his trailer moved back into place and got a ride in the “Boo Bucket”.



Fixed!  Sort of–

Of course there are still plenty of broken tops around, this one is hanging above Jeff Eady’s place, another bad one is hanging above the shed and we have a tree limb punched into the tin of the roof.


I talked to the ATCO timber supervisor for our area, Mr. Brown.  He did say to leave the big trunk that almost took out Brian’s trailer alone (below).  ATCO wants it, so we did right by leaving it alone.  He has a lot of planning to do but as soon as he has an idea of when and what they are going to do he will let us know.  Until then, no cutting past the camp please.


Charles’ place took the worst brunt of the storm.


Randy’s trailer actually looked like it was OK, of course it’s tin cover took some damage, but it appeared the trailer itself was good.  Whether the trees can be extracted without damage might be a question.



The inside of Charles’ cabin was, well, it was the roof.  Even the floor joists of the building gave way under the pressure.  I would say a total loss, but I’m no expert.








Camp Recovery Work Day

“Camp Recovery Work Day”, Brian suggested we title Saturday’s  work day as such.  Geez, I remember when Camille hit the coast, a tornado flattened our property in Lamar county.  We were pretty much overwhelmed but it was mostly just trees then and Dad had young sons to use in cleanup.  We didn’t have a chain saw, we cleaned up what we could and let nature do the rest.

Then in 2005 Katrina did the same thing, spawned a tornado and laid it flat again, but we had developed a lot of it.  It had a tool shed, blueberry orchard, pecan trees,a pear tree, chestnut tree, various stuff my Mother had planted.  It was all laid to waste pretty much.  I remember standing on one of our giant pines laid down over our tool shed looking around.  It was too much for me.  I walked away from it and just let nature have it.  I went back a couple of years ago, it was thick  but I found the pear tree and chestnut tree.  I think it was the right decision, I didn’t have the money or manpower to re-establish it like it was.

I haven’t seen the camp but have heard.  This will be more than we can do in just workdays.  ATCO will be lenient in our recovery efforts, but — it’s a mess.  We’ll do the best we can and let nature do the rest.

I have to stop by my property on the way down Saturday so I won’t be there early.  Not sure if I might have damage there too.  Fingers crossed.  Either way, we’ll see you down there.   This will be primarily a personal salvage/recovery operation.  Check on your own stuff and if you get to a point where you can, help your fellow member.  That’s the only “plan”.

Craig is going to bring to bring his tractor with a box blade and try to do some work on the road.

Keep your chin up, think positive.  We just ended a good year.   So we’re starting out bad, doesn’t mean we can’t have a good finish.

Sunday’s Tornado Damage

First I heard David Hartman say, “Rocky Springs” and I thought we might be in trouble, then I heard “Hankinson Road” and I knew we were in for it.   I started texting Craig right away because I knew his place was in the path.  I never reached him but have heard since that they are OK.

Our first report was from Mr. McCelroy who lives on Hill Road who called Clyde and said there was a tree on our gate.  Of course, Clyde’s house is right there so he was the first to respond but he couldn’t get past Jessie’s because of the trees that were down.   Larry and Hope were sitting in the dark in Flora with the power off due to the storms passing through and decided they should check out the camp themselves.  They took one of their kids ATV’s (because it was light) and went in the Cable Road gate.  It took them 2.5 hours to get there but they managed and took these pictures.   I have to say, the members are very grateful for this massive effort by the Hilton’s to get in and assess the damage, as many were very concerned about their cabins/trailers.  At least we know what we are in for now, thanks to their photos.

So here it is, it could have been worse, I guess.  There are trees down all over the camp.  We will have an enormous amount of work to do. I am contacting ATCO, I don’t know if they will attempt to salvage timber or not.  Stay tuned.