Work Day May 6

Talked to some folks Saturday during a lull in the Turkey hunting and it was suggested and I agree that we need to to do some wood cutting and spraying of fields.  Craig is bringing his tractor and sprayer.  He can do all the spraying but after his surgery he needs a little help with the heavy lifting involved in mixing/preparation of the tractor etc.

We want to spray the fields early so that we can have some early season plots.  Also, we may need to spread some of the gravel pile at the bottom of the hill on the hill/water line, so if anyone wants to help with that,  we are all ears on who can get equipment or who may have a better idea.

We need wood of course so that is the primary.  I will let Brian and his Dad and others get together on a splitter.  Of course we could just bring malls and go the Paul Bunyon route 🙂

Good news, we have a trailing dog for next year, here is “Hank” a young Belgian Malinois owned by Craig playing with a bug at the squirrel hunt and steak grilling.  This video was made the weekend prior to the crawfish boil and squirrel hunt.  By the way, Craig said he almost lost Hank to a bout of botulism from something he found and chewed on, but luckily he managed to survive it.  Here’s Hank and bug:

That’s all I have right now, but I would like to say that we found the hog that’s been turning our food plots and you will have to agree by this photo that our management program appears to be working: