Squirrel Hunt Saturday 11

Boo was planning a little squirrel hunt and possibly a coon hunt Saturday.  His exact words are:

“I will be home Tuesday im planning a squirrel hunt for Sat Feb 11, and maybe a coon hunt around the camp Sat night if anybody wants to come enjoy, I think we are cooking steaks Sat night.”

So details are still skinny, but I’m already experiencing post-deer season depression so,
I’m all in!  Chris will come down with me Saturday too.  Boo mentioned cooking steaks, so bring something to throw on the fire.

I think Brian may be there with his dogs, but either way I’m good just pulling vines and having fun.  You know this is the best time to do your deer scouting for next year too.   Also, this is a good opportunity to remove those binders on deer stands

I looked for squirrel pics I took but all I had was a video of squirrels eating swamp privet berries.  They were entertaining, unfortunately they’re pretty small in the video.

So here’s some deer pics from the Delta this year.  These were my pet does that kept bringing bucks to me.








A Good Year, Mission Accomplished!

Thanks everyone, we made it, no fines, no violations, no button bucks, no substandard bucks, no undersized harvests, no arguments.  I know I enjoyed the year very much, I hope everyone else can say the same.   Other than the lock combination changed and someone leaving the door to my cabin open, no pranks, that I know of. I know there was some discussion of leaving a full size cutout of Justin Bieber in a box stand, but not even that happened, probably because it was deemed too cruel of a prank to mete out. 🙂  I know I wouldn’t have been able to hunt with that thing looking over my shoulder!

Here’s a few pics from the year, the one below is of Chris’ hog he killed one day with me up at the Delta, not at Ragsdale, but a good day nevertheless.



Now, to business.  ATCO released an end of year reminder letter today:

ATCO EOY letter re: jaw bones and stands

Stands must be off the trees by April 1.   That includes climbing stands and it doesn’t mention cameras but I will remind everyone that cameras have straps and binders and must be removed.  Since we are a still hunting camp now we can’t have a crew on a work day just handle it, everyone is responsible for their stand.  Yes, and if the camp gets a fine for a stand and we know who it belongs to or who was using it most of the year, yes, we will be looking to that person for the fine money.

Also, FYI, I talked to our camp’s biologist via email earlier in the week and this was his reply:

Mr. Davis,

I have been out of the office the last few days, so I apologize for just now getting back to you.   I am going to again be in and out of the office today, but if someone wants to bring the jawbones over and just drop them off if I happen not to be here will be fine.  It will be fine to wait until later as well.  I know I will be out of the office next Friday but should be in most other days I think.   As far as the reports, they are not due until renewal of the license agreement which will be in July.   Also, we hope to have y’all some information by the end of the month about the new 5 year license agreement and the rates for those.



For those negative prognosticators, please read the last line.

We will be scheduling an end of year meeting for, at a minimum, directors, but actually a serious non-mandatory meeting that everyone can attend for planning purposes is what we need.  “Serious” meaning- let’s meet maybe here at my office, we’ll throw up ideas, discuss, decide and make plans on how to implement.  That kind of meeting.  I will send an email.  Brian had talked about a late season squirrel hunt, that might be a good time for a meeting too, less formal but a good opportunity.  Any thoughts on how to get our second “Good Year” started would be appreciated.  I think the camp will have some excellent hunting next year, might as well plan for success.