Information and a Reminder

Just catching up.  If you haven’t paid your guest fees you might want to consider dropping them into the mail to Clyde so you don’t forget to after the season is over.  I just dropped a check for $30 for Chris’ three afternoons in the mail.  Clyde’s address is:

603 Trailwood Drive
Clinton MS   39056

One nice buck was killed by Joe’s guest, a week ago. Nice buck, just a little smaller than Craig’s early in the bow season.
Craig has taken two does, one was a 140 lber Saturday evening.  We looked at the jawbone gauge and we think she was probably 4.5 years old.

Craig took another doe this morning. Craig also saw quite a few does running around, so this cold snap coming may be productive.  We need some help with the doe harvest.  Our count is now 4 bucks and 8 does.  We still need 7 more does to satisfy our recommendation from the ATCO biologist and there’s not much time left.

We were unable to unlock the combination lock, we are pretty sure the combination is changed, accidentally probably.  Either way it’s frozen until we can cut or break it off.
Your old key will work in both the cable road and the main gate silver locks. The combination lock on cable road is fine also.
If anyone has any ant poison please try to take a little for the water meter ant bed.  I poisoned it in the summer but the poison must not have been any good.

If anyone has any equipment that will cut or break the old combination lock off please let me know or feel free to break it off.  I will put another lock on the main gate this weekend and it will have a different combination.

Also, just a reminder, we are past Jan. 15.  which means, per the bylaws regarding a undersized buck that’s taken:

If a membership chooses to use loss of a buck allotment to avoid a fine, the membership will lose the last buck and the first buck from the following year’s allotment if the associated harvest occurs after January 15. The member will not be allowed to hunt until a decision is made by membership and approved by the board.
Early morning at Panther Swamp Hunt Sunday January 15

Early morning at Panther Swamp Hunt Sunday January 15

Hope you like my pic above of my kayak hunting in the Delta.  Nice morning, wish they were all like that.