Open on Does Until 15 Reached

That’s right, regardless if you have met your allocation, you may take two more does starting immediately.   This decision comes after conversation with our biologist who made the suggestion to open up the doe harvest, pointing out that we have some members that are reluctant to take does and others that are willing.  Regardless of mindset, we need to fill our quota for management reasons.  One caveat, we are opening it up to two additional does per membership only. Let club directors know when you have fulfilled your second quota and we will make a decision then for possible additional does, based on how close we are to fulfilling our obligation.

Apparently we have six does in the book (I only count five but other members keep saying six so I suspect one is not written in the book but must be in the basket).

Please keep directors appraised of any doe harvests because we want to stop at fifteen, though Boo will be given an opportunity when he gets back from work commitments to fill his allocation, regardless.

Also, log ALL harvests in the register book and photograph any buck harvests per section VIII par 7 of the General Rules section of the bylaws, below:

All animal harvests must be recorded in the register book. A time stamped photo of any buck must be made either with personal phone/camera or with a camp provided
camera and the photo must be made available to board members, if requested.



Blind Hog Finds Acorn



Since Craig and Brian hunted my favorite highway hollow the other day I figured I needed to get busy.  I made an afternoon run to the camp this week with Chris and scored this ten point with my bow at 5:05. The deer walked by Chris at about sixty yards, which was too far for his bow, but the buck managed to find me on another ridge just before dark.  It’s an interesting story, but it’s just another hunting story and I won’t bore readers with the details.

I will say, it was a great father-son hunt that I will always remember.   I had to crank up “Sparky” my little gasoline capstan winch to pull him out.  It took four pulls of 100-150 yards to pull him out of the bottom of the highway gully.  He makes the camp standard on beam length, just a tad over 20″.

Also the garbage bag from the weekend was left at the camp and the coons made hay out of it:


We picked up the garbage and meant to take it home with us, but after the deer was dressed out and we were trying to get away,  we managed to forget it, so its hanging up again but in the middle of the shed. Hopefully it will be in one piece for the weekend.  Sorry about that.  We need to try and remember when food is up there to take it out because the coons are on to us now.

Craig asked me to pass on to everyone that now is the time to be in the woods, the deer are rutting right now and this weekend would be a good time to be in the woods.


I’ll end with this photo of the second buck harvest at Ragsdale this year of the only two buck harvests so far.  Since Craig recently took my title of largest bow harvest at Ragsdale away from me,  I am claiming that it is the only bow harvest that has ever happened in December at Ragsdale!  Also, no pics of me with deer because, well, the harvested animal always looks better than I do so…

Merry Christmas and good luck!