A Good Start

What do you call 2,000 lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean?
Everbody knows that one, a GOOD START.

Well, a GOOD START is what Craig M gave us this weekend, bagging a really nice buck in #28 food plot on Hill Rd.  Yesterday evening Craig and I were the only ones hunting.  Of course, I saw nothing but a turkey egg sucking raccoon, but Craig was bow hunting one of the food plots that he and Brian planted for early season plots, when this deer walked out.


The deer pulled the scales down to 235 lbs.   The inside spread was 18.5, beams were 21+.  As you can see the deer had lots of “trash” which we all like.  The points were 9 typical type points and 11 using the >1 inch count.




Congratulations to Craig on getting our GOOD YEAR started off with a GOOD START.

Way to go Craig and thanks for the venison!

Also, Jeff planted three more plots, #2, camp and first plot on Pine Log.  Here’s  an updated list of planted plots.


Early Primitive Weapons Season opens in:

Youth Hunt begins in:


Planting and Fish Fry Update

Saturday’s planting day was long.  Could have used some more help.  The following is a list of the fields  planted.  Five were planted early and the lack of rain is putting these early plots in jeopardy.  We may have to go back and reseed them with just a winter crop with the extra seed we had left over.  Craig did spread some fresh “early season” seed on some of the early plots.  We have our fingers crossed that some rain may move in on Thursday to hopefully save our early plots and get Saturday’s planting started.  I don’t normally want to hear thunder but a little thunder would be a good sound right now.

Out of a total of 13.19 acres of open or “plantable” area, we have planted 9.2 acres.  We have ten bags of oats/wheat in the cabinet on standby.


The fish fry was a blast.  It was a little warm but not bad.  Special thanks to Jeff Eady for providing the fish cooking.  It was delicious, cooked just like I like it and the saltiness was just right.

Jeff even baked this cake for us  😉


There was quite a spread.  There was plenty of fish, so much in fact, that we all took some home.  The “nanner puddin'” was my favorite dessert.


We took the opportunity to give Charles a plaque to demonstrate our appreciation for all the work he has done in the past.  Charles, your efforts and those of your predecessors got us to this point. Starting way back, from the end of WWII to today.  Enjoy your retirement Charles, we’ll take it from here!



Weekend Planning

First, planting plans:

  • Jeff is bringing his tractor down with a spreader.
  • Craig is bringing his four wheeler spreader.
  • Boo will not be there this weekend but he said he knows of only two plots on cable that need to be prepped for planting.
  • Boo left his disk down there and also dropped off a home-brew harrow or “drag” made out of bed springs for seed covering.
  •   I think at least one other person is planning on bringing a four wheeler drag.
  • We have purchased 18 bags of wheat and 18 bags of oats.  We have approximately 8.5 acres to plant, we used the high end of 100 lbs per acre planting rate and then we added a couple of bags for insurance.

I prepared a worksheet which shows how much to plant on each field in 1/4 bag increments here: planting2016

Now, fish fry! 

Jeff is picking up the fish and other supplies for the fish fry Sunday afternoon.  We set the time for 1:30 buts its always a “wait and see” when most everyone is there, we start.

Please bring a dish if you would like.  Heck those dishes are usually the best part.  Please bring some comfortable outdoor folding chairs and if you have a small folding table you can bring, it would be appreciated.  I am sure Jeff is picking up some beverages, tea etc. but if you have a flavor or prefer diet drinks, you might consider bringing some.  Also a little clean ice for drinks.

For Saturday, if someone can bring a weed-eater and trim the grass in the area by the skinning shed that would be great as well as we need some volunteers to pick up sticks and move that old dog box out of the way.  Since Jeff will setup up to fry the fish under the skinning shed, if someone could pull those stands out and sweep or blow it out that would be great too.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!



Planting Weekend and Fish Fry Sunday

Just a quick update.  Boo worked the last few days with his tractor along with his “tractor assistants” Marc and Pink.  I am very pleased to say that the fields are not only bushhogged but most of them are tilled and ready for planting.  I went to the camp yesterday afternoon and everything we had intended to plant on river road was already tilled up and ready to plant.  Looked good.  I talked to Boo by phone, our connection was bad so I didn’t get everything but he did say that had tilled the two remaining “big” Creek Road fields. Apparently only a couple of fields on Cable need to be bushhogged before planting.   Thanks to Boo’s immense effort we have mostly just planting to do on Saturday.  Thanks to everyone that has contributed, of course. Great work everyone.

Apparently the deer are pretty anxious for us to plant because it was mid-day when I went down and though Marc and Pink had only recently signed out, I saw six deer on the camp.

The fish fry is planned for around 1:30 on Sunday.  I was getting a head count for Jeff to buy fish and groceries and I had a confirmed head count of 22, without Jeff’s count or hearing from James, so there should be a good crowd.

I was interested in knowing if anyone else is planning on bringing equipment.  We need a spreader and apparently Boo has one which would be good for the big fields. Also Craig has a four wheeler spreader which would be great for the small fields. There are of course some fields we hadn’t planned on planting but we may well be able to plant more if we have equipment.

Although we had talked about not using any fertilizer, Boo suggested we get a buggy of fertilizer from the co-op in Port Gibson.  It can be pulled by truck to the camp. It would run us around $400.    Let me hear back from anyone interested in helping us get a buggy of fertilizer.





Field Inventory and Planting Schedule

Field or Open area Name Description Road acres 2016 status Crop 2016 Spray status Lessor
Second “Big” Field Creek Road Long field running WtoE, sweetgum grove break Creek Road 2 Plant oats, wheat RU Gilbert
Bottom Field Creek Road Next to creek, sweetgums north end Creek Road 0.5 Plant Early, turnips, vetch, wheat, oats RU Gilbert
First “Big” Field Creek Road Cuts horiz. Across road to bluff at creek Creek Road 1 Plant oats, wheat Ru Gilbert
Hilltop Field Creek Road Little field east of gut pile Creek Road 0.13 Fallow No Gilbert
Cemetery Creek Road Where rd to MT field starts, near cemetery Creek Road 0.06 Fallow No Gilbert
First Field Pine Log before starting first big hill on PL Pine Log 0.3 Fallow RU ATCO
Second Field Pine Log south of “the bowl” Pine Log 0.43 Plant oats, wheat RU ATCO
Third Field Pine Log on top of rise, west of “the bowl” Pine Log 0.28 Fallow No ATCO
Last Field Pine Log Little flat below small rise Pine Log 0.26 Plant Early, turnips, vetch, wheat, oats RU ATCO
2nd field No Name on hill top above creek No Name 0.22 Fallow No ATCO
First Field No Name not really a field mostly briars No Name 0.09 Fallow No ATCO
First Field RR On top of Hill, Stand #2 River Road 0.24 Plant oats, wheat RU ATCO
Second Field RR Honey Locust Tree at North End River Road 0.12 Fallow No ATCO
Third Field RR Skidder Road to culvert, #4 stand River Road 0.05 Plant oats, wheat No ATCO
Fourth Field RR in flat before forked tree/salt licks River Road 0.24 Fallow No ATCO
Fifth Field RR At beginning of Hollow Tree Rd River Road 0.4 Fallow RU ATCO
Sixth field RR Magnolia Flat River Road 0.31 Fallow RU ATCO
Seventh Field RR Old Bad MudHole River Road 0.27 Fallow RU ATCO
eighth  Field RR top of hill above before flats River Road 0.28 Fallow RU ATCO
Ninth RR Above Duck Hole, “Pink’s fav” River Road 0.35 Plant oats, wheat RU ATCO
Tenth RR Marc’s favorite River Road 0.14 Plant oats, wheat RU ATCO
Eleventh End of river, not enough to compute River Road 0 Fallow No ATCO
Hollow Tree Road Field end of HT Road Hollow Tree Road 0.29 Plant oats, wheat No ATCO
First Field Camp Road Field just below gate Camp Road 0.14 Fallow No ATCO
Water Meter Camp Road Gate/water meter Camp Road 0.09 Fallow No ATCO
Bridge In bend before Hill, Clyde’s shoot house Camp Road 0.09 Fallow No ATCO
Camp Field next to camp Camp Road 0.13 Fallow No ATCO
First Field Narrow Field south of Swedenburg cabin Cedar Tree 0.08 Fallow No ATCO
Locust Thicket Locust Thicket (no locusts left) Cedar Tree 0.15 Plant oats, wheat No ATCO
Cedar Tree Hill Flat before start down hill toward RF Cedar Tree 0.23 Fallow No ATCO
Cedar Tree Hill Halfway down Cedar Tree Hill Cedar Tree 0.15 Plant RU ATCO
Fifth Field Bottom of big hill next to creek Cable Road 0.12 Fallow No ATCO
Fourth Field Last Field before bottom of hill Cable Road 0.15 Plant oats, wheat No ATCO
Third Field At stand #64 Cable Road 0.18 Plant oats, wheat No ATCO
Second Field At stand #63 Cable Road 0.43 Fallow No ATCO
First Field CR First Field from Gate on Cable Road Cable Road 0.23 Fallow No ATCO
First Field MT bottom of hill, after slight rise Middle Tree 0.25 Fallow No ATCO
Second Field MT above MT field Middle Tree 0.07 Fallow No ATCO
Middle Tree Field Brian’s favorite, has  south shoothouse facing N Middle Tree 0.28 Plant Early, turnips, vetch, wheat, oats RU ATCO
Cistern Field Cistern Road (Jeff’s favorite) Cistern or “green road” 0.23 Plant No ATCO
Rock Ford Rock Ford Field (James’ Favorite) Rock Ford 0.62 Plant Early Rye grass only RU ATCO
Jesse’s Field on  long ridge halfway on Jesse’s rd Jesse’s Gate 0.17 Plant No ATCO
Hill’s Fence At stand #28, right on the Hill Fence line Hill Rd 0.68 Plant Early, turnips, vetch, wheat, oats RU ATCO
Intersection Where rd to culvert and Hill rd split Hill Rd 0.15 Fallow No ATCO
Total 12.58

Bait, Feed, Salt and Minerals

Jeff brought Charles’ tractor down Sunday with Charles and they bush hogged most of the fields.   I got to sit down and talk with Charles for a little while Jeff was on the tractor.  I took the opportunity to tell him how much his work over the years is appreciated.  He and his tractor are still doing a great job for the camp.

Early food plots have done well, considering the lack of rain. They need some rain on them bad.  Brian Roberts sent this photo of the bottom field which he hunted Saturday.  I placed a “Southern Food Plot Manual” in the glass cabinet that Will Harrison made for us.  It has excellent information on southern food plots.


Our biologist sent this letter to us as a final reminder about baiting.  A new copy of the ATCO club policies was included with paragraphs 13 and 14 circled and starred. It has been placed in the page with all other ATCO notices and a copy will be kept in the little glass cabinet that Will made years ago, along with a copy of the bylaws I have printed.  Please note the reference to ATCO club policies, DO NOT BAIT, it will mean the end of our lease!


Also, Jeff brought down a saw and some other equipment, but we seem to be missing the jaw bone extractor and the spreader.  Not sure if we need to purchase something to replace.  Let me know if you have any information or a suggestion.