8.27.2016 Work Day Report

The following members were at the camp and putting in a full work day Saturday:

Craig Millett
Clyde Hare
Allen Lewis
Barry Lewis
Joe Strickland
Boo Rials
Chase Brewer

  • Craig sprayed almost all of the food plots to get them ready for planting in about a month.  Craig returned today to finish what fields he didn’t get the first time.  You will notice that all “historically planted plots” were not sprayed.  Some of the plots are simply non-starters, in our opinion.  If a favorite plot didn’t get sprayed, let us know and we can still do something, but we had to knock down the massive growth that was in the plots and so we have hit the most heavily utilized plots.
  • Joe and the Lewis brothers hit all the windfalls mentioned as well as cleared Pine Log road back and they were still at it headed down River Road and Hill Road when I left at almost five o’clock.
  • Joe and I put a hasp/latch on the old dog food cabinet and put the combination lock on.
  • Boo and Chase used Boo’s tractor with box blade and bucket to clean up the Cedar Tree road and also Middle Tree road so that Craig can get to it with the sprayer.  Unfortunately the boom sprayer would not fit in between the high banks on Middle Tree with the ruts not helping, so Middle Tree field didn’t get dosed.  We’ll have to use an ATV sprayer if anyone has one. Needs to be sprayed in the next two weeks or not at all to be in the 30 day window and our Oct 15 planting date.
  • Boo and Chase used the bucket on Boo’s tractor to pull up the posts on the old Ricky/James deck.  Pretty good trick Boo, I was impressed. I have a video I will post of Boo yanking those posts.   Those posts are good and can be used for something.  Allen (De) may use them to cover his porch he is working on for this trailer he is bringing down.  The lumber underneath the old deck is all good, it was apparently treated lumber (yellow tag) and being covered, it has held up good.    If you want any of it, you better get it quick because Joe will be pushing off into a gully next weekend with the bulldozer.  How much does a 2×4 or 4×4 post cost these days?
  • image.jpg

Remaining work day schedule.

  • September 3-4       Joe said the bulldozer is nearby and the next place it is coming is to Ragsdale. All I can say is Halleleujah! We need it!  Those details will be up to Joe  but this is the weekend we had planned, depending on weather.
  • September 10-11    This is our backup, rain day or fall back day for the road work as a contingency for bad weather near or on the weekend of September 3-4
  • September 24-25   Bow hunting plots planted.  We had planned to have a conference call on this, but as no one participated in the last call, we’re not doing any more.   We have some plans.
  • October 15-16          Planting day, the fields will be planted and we intend for our fish fry to be around 1:30 to 2:00 on Sunday the 16th

Larry has removed the keyed locks to have them rekeyed. We didn’t have another lock to put on it with a key with me at the time but we do have another keyed lock which will be put on the main gate next week.

I am very encouraged by the talent and hard work ethic  displayed this past work day. Good job!

I think I should remind everyone that three full work days are in the bylaws or it is a $100 fine per deficit day.  The club is keeping accurate, observed and objective records.




Work Day Saturday, 8.27.2016

Work day Saturday and/or Sunday depending on availability.  We need tractors for road work but there is plenty of other work you can volunteer for:

  • Craig has access to a big boom sprayer and we are going to buy a couple of cases of Roundup to spray fields with Saturday.  I am sure he can use some help.


  • We are going to buy 4 sacks of rye grass to put on the roads when they are fresh after Joe hits them with the bulldozer.  We have a combination lock for the dog food cabinet but it doesn’t have a hasp on it.  I have a hasp that needs to be placed on it, below:
  •  There are overhanging limbs and brush on Cedar Tree between the pine thicket and the locust thicket just South of camp:image
  • There are downed sweetgums at the end of creek road:
  • Pine Log needs to be cut back to let the tractor drivers get over on the thick stuff:image
  • Bryan reported a tree in Rock Ford that will require a saw to get out.  You can get around it, but its in the way.  Take a four wheeler, the road is very bad between the camp and Rock Ford.
  • The James H camp site is going to get pushed off by the dozer, need to scavenge what good lumber there is and pick up any other trash I missed last Saturday.   Someone, Boo I think mentioned that some time in the future he may help us dispose of that old trailer, assuming no one wants it, but the deck will get pushed, but it needs to not have any trash in it when we do so and its a good time to get some decent lumber. Its going to ruin unless someone wants to volunteer to put a roof on it?  Yes, I’m kidding.image

There will be a new sign in register or “camp log book” at the camp Saturday, so use it instead of the old book, but don’t throw the old book away and make sure you use the work day log book to log your work days.

8.20.16 Work Day

Quick work day update, what can I say, it was a very light crowd, so light in fact that there were only two members present and I was one. Only myself and Steve made the muster.

I sprayed 3/4 of a gallon of Roundup around the camp sheds and in the dog pens. I picked up the trash at Ricky/James trailer and also cleared the big hill from the gate with a kaiser blade, mainly from the food plot to the salt lick at the bottom.

Yesterday Craig did a great job spreading gravel on the road from the gate to the camp. See pics, nice job.  Unfortunately my truck was messing it up again, but not too bad.  Most importantly, the water line is covered up again, hopefully it will stay that way for a while.

Bu the way, Joe, I have an idea for shaping the road starting at the food plot to throw the water to the opposite side. I know, armchair expert, but ask me anyway.

While Craig did tractor work, Brian cleared road debris all the way from cable road gate to the camp.  Brian renailed the chain at the cable road gate.  Good job guys, way to roll out on a rainy day.

Steve brought a weed eater and leaf blower.  I left Steve weed eating around the camp, so, along with the Roundup, leaf blower and trash pickup, the camp area should be looking much better.

Thanks guys!

Note: Brian found a trail camera at Jessie’s gate and brought it back to camp.  I think we may need to require people to put their name on their trail cameras so that we can confiscate any cameras without a name for responsibility purposes. If a binder is left around a tree during the growing season and ATCO  discovers it, the camp will have to pay a $100 fine.  We want to be able to collect that amount from the member responsible.  I think we should do the same for stands as the same thing can happen.  The board will address it in a discussion and a policy will be forthcoming.

in the meantime, if this is your camera, snag it, it’s at the shed, and I would recommend putting your name on it before putting it out again in anticipation of a camera policy and preventing re-confiscation.  Everybody may remember when some members had their cameras stolen.  I can tell you my feelings now, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CAMERA.   We do in fact have poachers,  timber cruisers, trespassers and yes, somebody may not want to see your camera in “their” spot. The camp is not responsible, it’s all on you.



Work Day tomorrow 8.20.2016


8.19.2016 it’s been raining and is still raining off and on

Brian and Craig are at the camp today.  It has rained recently and it’s muddy, see Craig’s tractor in photo. It’s too muddy for bushhogging or taking trucks down the roads but if anyone has a tractor with a box blade it would be good to bring it.  Craig has been able to cut some ruts down since the ground is muddy.  Any and all road work would be appreciated.

Brian drove through from Cable Road to the camp and the portion from the gate to Rock Ford is not too bad and Brian cleared branches and debris.  There is a downed tree in Rock Ford, you can get by it but a saw will be needed to clear it.  Whoever volunteers needs a four wheeler because the road from camp to Rock Ford is in bad shape.

Since it is too muddy for trucks to travel we should use the opportunity to clear the deck in front of James H’s old cabin because the tin was removed and the decking will just rot.  Brian suggested that if we remove whats good, which he knows the posts are good, we could store it under the shed and use the lumber for repairing shoot houses.  We can spray the dog pens if its not raining and if someone can bring a weed eater and clean up around the pens and skinning rack.  Also a lawn blower would be good to blow out the dust out from under the shed.  Also I think there are some unused buildings we could use the lumber to board up openings, Clyde mentioned one of those, can’t remember which one.
Anyway, bring hammers, nails and crowbars, gloves, snake boots…

Larry, I was wondering if you had any old hasps/latches.  The old dog food cabinet only has a wood latch and can’t be locked.  We have the combination lock to store tools or seed/fertilizer in it but we have no way to lock it.  Do you have an old hasp/latches you could score for the camp?  If not, maybe we can find on an old trailer or shed.

Allen, the old Herrington generator shed is in bad shape and is an eye sore.  Do you want it since you want to move in there?  Speak up for it or it may become a work day project to tear it down for the tin etc.  🙂
So, there will be a work day, but its just too muddy for bushhogging and travel on the roads.  Brian said he had to put his four wheeler in 4×4 more than once just to keep from getting stuck.

Also, it has been discussed that in our bylaws we do not have a provision for trading out work for hunting days for non-members. I remember it being discussed but I don’t remember the discussion.  Ultimately nothing made it into the bylaws.  I would like to propose that we allow a trade-out of two hunting days for anyone bringing a tractor for one day.  Board members please consider and respond if you have any objection.  Respond by email if you approve or disapprove, that would be great.



Work Day Log Book

There will be a new book beside the regular camp register book for use in logging in work days.  The purpose is two-fold, ATCO has a report at year end that requires us to report how many days were spent on road work and herbicide use.  Of course camp bylaws require a minimum of three legitimate work days.  These days must be spent in camp activity, not cleaning out your cabin for example, so we have provided a place for a description of your activity.

Make sure you sign the regular camp register and at the end of the day, record your work day activity in the “Work Day Log”.


Work Day Planning Conference call Wed. 8/17/2016 at 6:30

There will be a work day planning call at 6:30 Wednesday August 17, to find out who can come and bring what equipment this coming weekend, Sat. August 20.   The weather is drying a little, maybe it will stay dry enough for us to get in.  My recent visit to the camp was incomplete, I didn’t make it through on Cable, so there could be some large trees down, but I did not see any on River to #18, Creek/Cottonhouse road has some small stuff at the very end, cedar tree was clear past the salt lick.  I was unable to visit cable road or the green road that goes past the cistern, so we need some volunteers to go that direction and clear it if its blocked.  Need some volunteers with saws, there has to be some downed trees somewhere in there.  Four wheelers would be advisable as all the roads at camp are in bad shape.  Is there anyone that can bring a tractor bushhog?  Need to know who can bring and decide what area to hit.

For those with kaiser blades and chain saws etc the camp road near the water line has a lot of overhang and pine log has a lot of overhanging branches as well.

Also, Stan has said that we can use some roundup on the dog pens, BUT WE MUST KEEP UP WITH HOW MUCH IS USED.  I have a gallon I think, I can bring that.

Also Stan has approved us taking down the dead oak in the first food plot on River Rd if we decide we need it.  I think the roads are a priority but, it has been approved to take it down.

Anyway, let’s figure it out.  If you can’t make the call, that’s OK, we will follow up with email or phone.

Check your email for conference call information for the Wednesday call.
Note with respect to conference call etiquette:
As this call is open to all camp members, please try to be respectful and only ask questions and make suggestions and be brief.  A conference call can get out of hand quickly if people continue to talk because the conference system will not break if someone continues to talk. Once your voice grabs the system if you talk continuously,  others cannot break in.  Make your comments and don’t dominate the “floor”.   If having conference calls with the entire camp does not work, we will just have them with the board members in the future.


It has your name on it…

The membership card that is.   Pick it up on your first work day.  Yes, that’s a little reminder…


In other news:

Allen L, has asked that he be able to put his trailer in the old Herrington  campsite.  He has offered to use the old foundation or deck that was left and is partially in our camp road.   His taking on this deck will eliminate the camp from having to deal with it, so, thanks Allen, this beautiful piece of real estate with foundation problems now belongs to you!

ATCO Regional Meeting

Myself, Brian and other board members will be attending a meeting ATCO has invited our club to next week, see letter below.  We will get a chance to meet the club officers from clubs around us and Stan will have information on the deer harvests of those clubs.  See Stan’s email below.   We appreciate the opportunity to network a little with the clubs around us.  Thanks, Stan!

August 9, 2016

Glen D

Ragsdale Hunting Club

 Dear Mr. D:

On Thursday August 18 at 6:30, I am planning to have a meeting of the Anderson-Tully Hunting clubs in your area.  There should be about 15 clubs representing around 20,000 acres present at this meeting, so this will be a good chance to see how the deer harvest in your surrounding area has been going recently.  I will present the combined deer harvest data from all the clubs combined and make suggestions/recommendations for the upcoming year, plus we will discuss other pertinent Anderson Tully topics.  Anyone and everyone is invited to attend, but each club needs to have a representative at the meeting.  The meeting will be held at Anderson-Tully’s Forestry and Wildlife office located at 565 Industrial Drive.  Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. 





                                                                        Stan P

                                                                        Wildlife Biologist    

8.6.2016 Visit to Camp and Status Report


The good news is that Port Gibson road has been resurfaced, at least beginning just east of Big Buck all the way to Regan road. Nice.


Unfortunately the washout in the pavement on Hankinson Road just north of cable hasn’t been fixed, though the county put an orange barrel there.  I guess they’ve been taking lessons from the Jackson school of street repair. The county left the big stick Chris and I put in it during turkey season, some validation on our handiwork I guess.  Be careful, especially to anyone pulling a trailer as it may be hard to  know where your right-side trailer tires are when trying to swing wide, and the hole is DEEP!  This is just about 150 yards north of Cable road gate.



A new combination type lock (above) has been installed on both gates. Note the ATCO lock must remain in the daisy chain.  The club’s keyed lock (right, cable road) will be re-keyed and made available for any members that might have difficulty with a combination lock. It will also be the override lock, directors will have a key.



The water line is exposed again, see the two photos above.  Thankfully the gravel put on the road a few weeks ago by Boo has kept the camp road in fair shape.  Maybe poor-to-fair would be a better description.  I placed a stick with ribbon in the wash where the water pipe is exposed.  There is plenty of room on the right to go around it.  The stick will no doubt be laying on the ground by the time someone else goes by, so watch for the ribbon and stay to the right.  Further down below the water pipe there is more washing, also the overhanging limbs need to be cut back.


North of the bridge, at the bottom of the big hill is the wash shown below.  Actually, not too bad the rest of the way up the hill. image

The Herrington cabin is gone, but the foundation or porch has been left for us to deal with.

Another camp site is now open, above.  Unfortunately, the trailer below, I don’t know the status of and I’m not sure if this disaster was a product of last year or if this is recent.  The deck is exposed and all the tin over it has been removed.  I would appreciate information on this history of this trailer.  Either way, the decking looks like a project.  I would think the lumber could be re-used, but it must be cleaned up.  The board members need to discuss.


The wood pile looks adequate as Brian had mentioned previously.  We have so much road and field work to do, I think this is all of our wood for the upcoming season.

Headed North on River rd out of the camp there is washing headed just after you pass creek/cottonhouse road, below:

The wash above was bumpy but passable, the worst is yet to come.


There is a dead oak tree in the first food plot on River Road, above.  I will ask Stan about but I would think it should be available for us to take for additional wood.

As you pass the first food plot on River Road and go down the hill, there is bad washing.  I managed in my pickup, all I can say is there IS much worse elsewhere.

The hill in front of Hollow Tree road has as washout on the right side, there is enough room to pass on the left hugging tight to the bank on the left.


Bad washouts on RR at the bottom of the hill in front of Hollow Tree road and then there was this, below, before you get to the third food plot on RR, I guess probably stand numbers 9-10:

I was able to get my truck through a low place and get into the food plot, but the old bad mudhole stopped me, below:

Here I had to get out and walk as I was by myself and could not afford to get stuck.  I walked all the way to the food plot at number 18 and the road was pretty good after you get past the “old bad mudhole”.

Pine log road was in fairly good shape, with exceptions.  Overhanging limbs need to be cut back on the hill and flat in between the first and second food plots.  Folks with no tractor or equipment, this would be a good project to volunteer for an independent August work day.


Between the second and third food plot on Pine Log, there is a sinking area in the road which could use filling.  Its camouflaged so be careful it can catch you by surprise, stay left, see below:

Creek road aka Cottonhouse road, is fairly good.  There is downed sweetgum at the last food plot where you turn, just  about 100 yards from the creek.  This would be a good project for someone on an independent August work day to cleanup too.

Going south from the camp on cedar tree, really bad washes begin at the pine thicket:



Some overhanging trees need to be cleared in between the pine thicket and the locust thicket.  Another good project for an independent August work day.



In between the steep banked hill up to the locust thicket there is bad washing, good place to break an axle, I did manage it in my pickup:



Unfortunately, Middle Tree has had no work in at least two years and it shows it, below:





Middle Tree road is not much more than a ditch.  I am not sure if we can address Middle Tree with the short time we will have the bulldozer, considering the other areas, need to discuss with Joe.

I did not attempt to make it to Rock Ford or through to Cable road gate as I think I need somebody with an ATV to make that trip.  When Clyde gets his ATV fixed, we’ll look at the rest of it, unless someone wants to volunteer to make the trip with me in between.

The good news is we have a gravel pit nearby.  I stopped by to try and talk to the operator but nobody was around.


I did look at the possibility of getting one of the deuce and half’s up to our back gate.  Looks doable to me, but I’m not an expert.


So anyway, that is the state of things, such as they are.
Please send me your comments.