Minutes of 7.27.16 Board Meeting

Attending the board meeting last night via conference call were:

  • Glen D, Pres
  • Brian R, VP
  • Clyde H, Treas
  • Jeff C, Exec Committee
  • Larry H, Exec Committe

Boo was off-shore and unable to attend

Non-board, appointed committee members attending were:

  • Craig M, Food plot/planting
  • Joe S, Road work

The board discussed getting combination locks for the gates. The fact that disabled members may have difficulty with such locks was also discussed and to resolve we agreed to have the existing locks re-keyed for members who need it.  ATCO has approved having two club locks on the gate.  A Masterlock was chosen for purchase, Clyde will acquire six locks, two for the gates, one for the generator shed and one for seed/implement lockup in the old dog food box.  The locks will be between $17 and $25 apiece.  Since they are combination and keys don’t have to be made, Clyde will attempt to find the best price online.  Larry will take our old locks and have them re-keyed and we will put them back on the gate, daisy chained for those members needing a key access.  Unfortunately combination locks that also will use a key are not something made by Masterlock. Clyde will purchase six locks for the best price and Larry H will buy back two of the unneeded locks.

The primary work days were set and our online Calendar on our website has been updated.

  • August 20-21        Work day to clear roads of storm damage, remove overhanging limbs for equipment drivers
  • August 27-28        Bush hogging fields (also, regarding bushhogging, Craig M lives nearby and will do some of the bushhogging during the week depending on his schedule)
  • September 3-4      We anticipate renting a bulldozer to fix roads  Joe S is handling and can get us a good discount.  The budget has room for a weekend of bulldozer activity, per the treasurer
  • September 10-11    This is our backup, rain day or fall back day for the road work as a contingency for bad weather near or on the weekend of September 3-4
  • September 24-25   Bow hunting plots planted.  Folks interested in having some plots planted to hunt over will have an opportunity to have input on an upcoming conference call.    Obviously for bow hunting only small plots are necessary.  We intend to use camp seed for this purpose but individuals that might want to add some specialized seed mixes using their own money in their favorite areas could potentially plant that too; however, Caveat Emptor, “Buyer Beware”, purchase any additional seed with the understanding that at Ragsdale, “First come, first serve or gentleman’s agreement” is the rule.
  • October 15-16          Planting day, the fields will be planted and we intend for our fish fry to be around 1:30 to 2:00 on Sunday the 16th

The President and Treasurer will make a trip to the lease for the purpose of evaluating any possible additional work days.

Two questions I have are:

  • Where is the log book for last year?  We need it to answer questions for ATCO on their annual report.  We have been granted some extra time to provide the report, but we need last year’s report for work days, harvest report etc.
  • What about the implements we use?  Bone saws, JB extractor etc.  Who is in possession of them? Are they at the camp?
  • The club purchased and extendable chain saw for overhanging limbs in the past, we need to locate and determine its status for possible upcoming work days.
  • Does anyone know of any areas at the camp that need to be addressed in a work day. Please advise.

We are working with the county to clear the culvert in front of the Cable road gate and also repair the washout in the blacktop which is just north of there, which poses a danger to anyone traveling down there, especially hauling equipment which will difficult to judge where the washout is.  We placed a log in the washout with ribbon back in the Spring and apparently the county has now placed an orange barrel.  The county has agreed to fix, but has yet to.  We will stay on them.

Any info would be appreciated on the previously mentioned matters.  Send an email to the club email address or call me or Brian or Clyde.




Board Meeting with Committee Members Wed. 7.27.2016, 6:30

NOTE: Conference call information sent out today, Wednesday 7/27 at 1:24PM, check your email, board and committee members only.

Board members,

We have sent a check  for our lease with our membership roster and a copy of our 2016 insurance certificate for the third party properties.

I will work on getting some membership cards produced and we now that we have our complete roster for 2016, we need to address the issue of the locks/keys.  Craig M has suggested that we move to a combination type lock.  I would like to open that up for discussion.  I think there are more pros than cons.   Now that email and text capable phone messaging has been established, we could easily identify to all members a necessary change in the combination.  The locks are more expensive but could save us a ton in re-keying.

Anyway, your thoughts?  Emails are welcome from non-board/committee members to express their opinion as well.

Also, I attempted to set up a conference call to talk about work days but did not get any responses.  I don’t know if that was because everyone was just expecting me to send the info or maybe folks don’t check email as often as I do.  I would like to try again and set it for next Wednesday, 6:30PM, and this time, responses or not, we will have the meeting.  I will send the conference line information out on Tuesday.  We can finalize the discussion on the key situation in the meeting Wednesday.

I have included Craig M and Joe S on this email and will include them for our call as they are Committee members and are important to the discussion.



Member Dues are IN!

Just a quick note, today is the roster drop date and we have received dues, insurance assessments and building assessments from everyone on the roster.  Third party insurance is paid, third party lease is paid.

POSTSCRIPT: Dues have also been received for our one associate member, so all expected dues are in and accounted for!



Club Policy and Herbicide Procedures

Please note the following documents for 2016-2017 which are ATCO’s club policy and procedures for using herbicides on ATCO property.

All member should read the policies in order to be aware and remember that there is no leeway in ATCO policy and procedures, they must be adhered to STRICTLY.

Please note, as a club policy NO HERBICIDE USE IS ALLOWED without prior approval from the Ragsdale Club’s board and in the event that it is approved, the procedures listed by ATCO must be adhered to and records kept etc.

Also please note in ATCO’s club policy it is mentioned that no salt licks may be freshened or salt “put out” on or after September 1.  Our club bylaws express the cutoff date as October 1, but obviously the bylaws will need to be changed to reflect ATCO policy and by this statement it is in effect that no salt may be put out on or after September 1.

ATCO club policy

Procedures for using Herbicides on ATCO property