Committee Meeting Minutes 6.15.2016

Boo, Clyde and myself met and discussed basics of what’s needed for roads.

  • We agreed that a bulldozer for a weekend will be a great help and is affordable, but we will probably plan the rental closer to deer season.
  • Establishing a route for us to bring gravel from the gravel pit to allow them to bring a truck (a big deuce and a half) in the back and end-around our bridge would be one of the goals we would like to accomplish as getting gravel delivered would greatly facilitate road work.

Apparently the camp road is adequate for people to get trailers out that need to be moved based on the gravel Boo put on it a week ago. Boo and Joe will get together on some target dates and possibly some budgeting figures for the bulldozer, gravel and tractor days for road work.  Thanks Boo for your hard work getting gravel on the roads and for your contribution toward planning.

Talking to a co-chair on the planting/fields committee, we will wait until after the fawn drop to do any clipping of the fields.   I think possibly we need to consider a few work days for folks to cut back and remove overhanging limbs for the upcoming equipment work, particularly along the route where the 2&1/2 will be bringing gravel.

That’s all for now.



Minutes of the Organizational Meeting

Thanks to everyone attending the organizational meeting Saturday.  The appointed directors were approved by the membership with a hand vote, they are:

President Glen D
Vice President – Brian R
Treasurer – Clyde H
Secretary – Marc C
Committee 1 – Jeff C
Committee 2 – Boo
Committee 3 – Larry H

The bylaws as appearing on the website were approved with a show of hands.

Dues are now payable and are due by July 1.  They must be paid by July 15 to prevent being removed from the membership roster.
Please mail your check written to Ragsdale Hunting Club to Clyde H, treasurer at:
603 Trailwood Drive
Clinton MS   39056

The computation for dues is as follows
Dues – $1,200
Insurance assessment – $25.00   ( All members must pay, including honorary.)
Building or camper assessment – $50.00  (must be paid by any member that keeps a building or camper)

The bylaws were reviewed  completely and approved but some notations were made for further review.

  1. Jeff E noted there was no statement in the bylaws saying that a guest’s buck affected the allotment of a particular member, though it does explicitly mention “youth” and “first-ever” bucks it does not  explicitly mention a buck taken by a guest not meeting the “youth” or “first-ever” category.  Our intention when we wrote the bylaws was for guest deer to affect the allotment to a particular member or membership.   This will be amended after discussion with ATCO, as all bylaw amendments will be.
    UPDATE – after speaking with our biologist, the understanding was that a guest buck does affect the allotment of a particular member or “membership”.
  2. Jeff E also noted there was not mention of “progression” in buck harvests, meaning that a second buck must be larger.  Actually, after discussion, I believe it was our intent to not have a progression, considering that our club target is already 1 inch larger than the ATCO requirement; however, it was a good point that this has been something ATCO has been very serious about, so it will in fact be discussed with ATCO and an amendment may be forthcoming.
    UPDATE – after discussing this with our biologist it is confirmed that no “progressive” harvest is required as we have chosen to raise the bar above ATCO’s minimum standard.
  3. Clyde H mentioned that the term “member” and “membership” were used interchangeably or almost randomly and we will review the bylaws to insure that there is no material effect and amendments may be forthcoming.
  4. A “road committee” was appointed with two members, Boo and Joe S and a meeting was scheduled for Wed. June 15 at 6:30, conference call information will be emailed.  Brian and Barry indicated they would assist and Clyde may need to be on the call as well.
  5. We discussed the QDM bylaw mention of photographing harvests.  Most everyone indicated they did have a camera in their phone. Boo R mentioned that he had a digital camera he could leave at the camp in the event someone does not have a phone.  Photos should be emailed to the club email address.
  6. Boo R brought a membership application for Chase B for possible acceptance.  As two full members have not responded to whether they will be in the club, this membership application is being accepted.  Boo can reply to Chase, but I will send an email to that affect and/or call.
  7. A treasury report was provided by Marc C.  A copy has been placed on file.
  8. Jeff C asked the question as to whether a doe harvest after Dec. 1 without any changes to the doe allocation had a fine or punishment.  Currently there is nothing mentioned in the bylaws, but it was discussed and not all offenses require explicit mention and the bylaws do provide for punishment for obvious infractions and will be handled by the board on a case by case basis.
  9. Clyde H suggested printed ballots for voting.   this may not always be possible but will be considered for future meetings.
  10. A planting committee was appointed with two members, Jeff C and Craig M.
  11. A draft of a sign-in register book was shown, no modifications were suggested.
  12. Clyde H. suggested the development of a work day sign-in book to assist the treasurer in reimbursing tractor fees and to assist in accounting for work-day participation.  Clyde and Glen will work on a format.
  13. Brian R suggested adding the mailing instructions for payment of dues to the web site which was agreed as a good idea and will be done.
  14. Insurance for non-ATCO properties was mentioned and the insurance company identified by Marc. They will be contacted ASAP regarding the G and M properties.
  15. G and M properties were discussed and the president will address with ATCO this week.
    UPDATE -ATCO is contacting the property this week to explain the status and provide the OK  for proceeding with our lease.
  16. Instructional material for field judging was not available as most of the information is about scoring or aging but nothing specific to our QDM requirements.  Additional research will be done.  Currently the suggestion from our biologist is on the web site under the page heading “Field Judging Criteria”.
  17. Jeff C asked whether the guest fee was waived for small game, as it had been in the past.  It was discussed that this was an old rule and never in print.   We decided that the fee should be waived.  Such a rule may be added to the bylaws.
  18. Randy R asked if work days done this Spring count toward the coming season, the bylaws express this and the answer is “yes”.
  19. Boo R put a load of gravel on the camp road down the big hill to the bridge and up the next big hill to the camp.  The gravel purchase was authorized and a check will be issued to the gravel company, not sure of the amount.

Members in attendance were:

1 Randy R
2 Brian R
3 Marc C
4 James Y
5 Jeff C
6 Glen D
7 Jeff E
10 Boo R
11 Charles S
12 Clyde H
14 Joe S
15 Steve M
16 Barry L
17 Allen L

Ragsdale 2.0 Organizational Meeting Saturday June 11

Members of Ragsdale Hunting Club 2.0

Dear Member,

Welcome to the club website.  Our intent with this website is to provide another method of communication for meeting notices, workday schedules, as well as a place for our bylaws and other documentation to be accessed in a public way.

We have our Ragsdale 2.0 organizational meeting Saturday, June 11 in Clinton MS.   The meeting will take place at my offices in Clinton  at 1:30, 1505 Clinton Business Park Drive.    All members are welcome to call me in the meantime with any questions.

We will have to move quickly to make plans for getting our roads ready and fields planted.  Also, we will have a class before the season begins on judging deer for harvest which we will try to do at our meeting.